Stopping Erosion Takes a Professional’s Touch

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There are plenty of erosion control techniques to use on your garden, or backyard, but only some of these techniques are appropriate, for the type of erosion control technique you choose to use on your property depends on what type of soil you have on your property. It’s taken us years to understand what our yard needs to help control the soil’s tendency to erode. There’s a hill behind our property; the land in our backyard tends to slope downward into the public park behind our house. Our garden was looking beautiful, but our lawn started moving into the park last year. 

We were trying to prevent erosion from happening, but everything we did was wrong for our soil. Eventually, we asked a professional to step in. We found someone who was reliable; they had been working in lawn care for years. A professional landscaper knows the information you’ll find in books, and on the internet. They also know what works around your area. The weather is one determining factor that effects erosion rates. If you are going to be experiencing a rainy season, for instance, you will likely want to implement a different soil erosion prevention than if there was a dry season approaching. 

Landscaping can be a fun outdoors activity for the entire family. I’ve brought my children outside to help with the garden before, and we learned all about which types of plants are growing in our backyard. It was informative for them, and they got some hands on experience working with nature. It was also good for me to do something outside, since I spend so much of my time in the office. I love spending time outside with my family, yet I am not a landscaper, so I sometimes have to call in a professional when I have a real problem, like soil erosion issues. 

Soil erosion isn’t a pretty sight to see. That’s why we called in a professional to work on a technique to help with erosion control. That technique is called hydroseeding Seattle Wa., and it’s results were worth sharing. Our soil hasn’t been slipping away to the park behind our home the way it once was. We were afraid we weren’t going to have much of a yard left behind our home at the rate it was eroding away. 

I’m glad we called in a professional to help with the erosion control behind our house. I’m hesitant to call in help because I like to do everything for our home. I like to do the handyman jobs on my own because it saves us money, and it’s fun to learn how to fix new things. However, some special maintenance issues do arise from time to time, and I’m the type of guy to say when I need help with a project. I’ve bought my kids some books about gardening, and soils, but I think it’ll be a few years before they know how to stop it from eroding like the professionals do.


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