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If you are planning to remodel your house to meet the needs of your growing family, then a two story addition can come to your rescue. Maybe the birth of a child is making the existing house look smaller. Or maybe a relative is moving in to stay for a long time. Whatever the reason, adding a story may be an ideal solution. It will not only add space but allow you to reconfigure both levels of the house at the same time. 

One caveat with this type of move is that there is extensive planning and labor involved. If you are not ready to face the new situation, it is better not to take on the project at all. Otherwise, by all means go for it. Adding a story means you are not just building out but up and high as well. This requires making use of existing foundation, wiring and other resources. Two-story addition is your best bet if moving is out of the question. You can either add the story in the place of the current roof or extend the wall and add at the rear of the house. Nevertheless, this addition may result in added space to other rooms and changes to the overall floor plan. The house will eventually look bigger and more relaxed, just the way you want. 

Sometimes, it may be necessary to built this addition away from the house. The addition can be linked to the main house through a pathway or bridge. In this case, all the resources, such as foundation and wiring, need to be installed newly, causing less or zero strain on the existing resources of the main house. With this approach, demolition work is very minimal. There is no need to tear down the existing wall, electrical lines, plumbing connections, chimneys and much else. Not sharing the resources means less expensive way to build an addition. 

Two-story addition can take any shape or form. It may come with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and other areas for a separate living. Or it may be simply an extension of a current room. The addition may have a separate foundation and its own heating and air conditioning system as well. However, these additions will probably require the services of a reliable design or remodeling contractor like a bathtub refinishing washington dc company. Only a skilled contractor can build the addition to match your needs and budget. He or she will be able to match the architectural style of the new structure with the existing house. It is also important to match windows, doors, siding, roof lines and many other things that constitute the inside and outside styles. 

Because these additions can be complex in some cases, contractor’s help is always needed to get the project done without hassles. The addition may create a new view of the surroundings. There may be a need to extend the windows for adequate sunlight. The contractor will assist you with great design ideas and practical work tips.

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