How To Keep Your Wood Fence In Top Shape

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Wood fences are quickly gaining popularity in Morristown Nj for their advantages. They are more cost-effective in the short term and long term than other fencing options, environmentally friendly, versatile in terms of size and shape and also offer maximum privacy. But Mother Nature takes a toll over the wood over time causing it to lose its charm and deteriorate. It is critical to do some touch-ups on your wood fence for it to maintain its wow factor. Here are some valuable tips to help you with the maintenance.

Installation Matters

In order to keep your fence in top shape, you must consider the type of material you use on it. Cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to decay and rot. You may apply a sealant to offer extra protection. Besides that, cut the flat-topped posts at an angle or add sloping metal caps to prevent water from pooling. Avoid keeping plants near the fence as their growth may interfere with the fence. Do not also place sprinklers next to the fence as the water may pool around it and cause it to rot. Choose any reputable wood fencing morristown nj experts for proper installation.

Treat The Wood

If you want your wooden fence to last long, you need to protect it from water by all means. In addition to placing water point at a distance from the fence, you may apply a water-repellent or a wood preserve sealant to waterproof the wood. This process is known as staining. The sealant also protects the wood from drying up and cracking. After the long rains or the snowfall, you may treat the wood with antifungal products to prevent the growth of fungus and mildew. Wood fencing experts recommend for re-staining every 3-5 years after installation.

Avoid Water Where Possible

Water can be your fence’s worst enemy. It can quickly cause rotting of the fence and its deterioration. To keep the fence in good condition, you should protect it from water contact where possible. Instead of the water sprinkling methods, consider using the drip methods especially for spaces near the fence. Always reapply the sealant whenever it wears out.

Avoid Weights Near The Fence

Excess weight on the fence might cause its fast descent. This weight can be brought about by shrubs and vines planted near the fence as well as objects that lean on it. Therefore, you should plant shrubs and vines a few meters away from the fence, and avoid the temptation of placing items on it that should essentially be placed in the store.

Fix Damages Immediately

You should address problems such as wear and tear, rotting and splitting of wood as soon as it appears. DIY can work for minor repairs such as fixing individual panels. However, advanced damage might call for a wood fencing contractor. Timely maintenance will keep your fence looking dazzling and also extend its life.

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