Why You Need a Contractor to do Your Roofing Instead of DIYing It

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The lifespan of your roof is up. You’ve reached that dreaded point in time where you need a new roof. Because roofs play such an integral role in the protection of the house and the family, you shouldn’t take roofing projects lightly. You may feel like it’s worth saving money by doing your roof yourself instead of hiring a residential roofing Bixby OK contractor. However, this can be a foolish decision. This article will go into the reasons as to why you should just hire a professional instead of attempting to do your roofing project yourself. 

1. Safety

One of the biggest reasons that you should leave a roofing project to the professionals is because of safety hazards. Roofing is dangerous. For one, you have to typically scale a tall height to work on the roof. It’s not as simple as being up there for long periods either. You have to continuously go up and down your ladder in order to bring your roof shingles and tools up onto the roof with you. Each time you use that ladder, you’re opening yourself to risk. It can also be quite dangerous while you’re up there. For one, the roof might be slippery. You could slip and fall. Besides just gravely injuring yourself, you might even end up with a serious injury that alters your lifestyle. You could even die. For your own safety, you should let the professionals handle roofing. 

They have the tools and safety equipment necessary to make their job just a little safer. They’re fully aware of the risks and have solutions to reduce that risk. You do not. 

2. Experience

Another aspect to consider is that when you’re hiring a professional, you’re also hiring their experience. Unless you do roofing as a hobby, you likely don’t have the same kind of experience. This can slow up your project and make it more costly. You might end up making mistakes that you have to then fix. These mistakes can make the project go on for longer than you expected. It can also make it more costly. A professional contractor knows exactly what they’re doing. They’ve performed many roofing jobs before and have likely experienced everything. This is experience that you can benefit from. It makes the job run on schedule, if not faster, and can ensure that you don’t have any mistakes that you need to fix later. 

3. Saves Money

It may be surprising to think about but hiring a professional can also save you money. They typically do the job right the first time. This is different from if you attempted to do the roofing and winded up making a series of mistakes that required you to buy more materials and make any repairs that the mistake caused. They also tend to have the materials that you need in bulk. If you attempt to buy those materials, you typically have to pay far more.

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