Laying Down A New Driveway

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After many years of use, a driveway can begin to show signs of wear. It may have cracks and breaks in it that cause a bumpy ride when you drive over it. There can be large dips and hills that were not there when it was first laid. If this is the case with the driveway at your home, you should have it evaluated and replaced if necessary. Typically, a driveway can last for up to twenty years and after that, it will need replacing. If your driveway is much newer than that, repairs may be able to be done. Your contractor will be able to tell you the best way for you to proceed. 

Contractors That Replace Driveways 

If you are looking for a contractor that does this type of work, search online for any construction services Aberdeen SD. You will find companies that come up that do all types of construction work, including driveways. Contact a few of them and get estimates for the work to be done. Of course, a repair is going to cost you much less than a complete replacement of the driveway. In the estimate, make sure that the contractor includes everything in the price he gives you. This includes the cost for the materials and labor but also should include the length of time it will take to complete. In the case of any unforeseen circumstances, you should discuss additional costs with the contractor prior to their doing that work. A typical driveway replacement will take about one week to complete and you should make plans to park your vehicles elsewhere during this time. 

Getting The Work Done 

When the contractor arrives on the first day of work, he will have the necessary tools to remove the existing driveway. As a part of this process, he should have made arrangements for the removal of all of the debris caused by the removal process. After that is done, he will smooth out the dirt that is underneath with a tamping tool. Then, they will bring in trucks that can unload the hot tar that is placed down. Following behind the trucks, workers will smooth out the tar as it is being poured out. After the trucks have left, the workers will then again use the tamping tools to set the tar in place. The asphalt will need about four days to completely cure and you should not use the driveway at all during this time as it can ruin the finish. 

After your driveway has been replaced, the contractor may offer to return within one year in order to seal it. This is done to protect the finish of the driveway and will make it last for many years. Sealing should be done approximately every two years in order to keep the new driveway looking good. There is an additional cost for the sealing but it is well worth it for the life of the driveway. Get a written guarantee from your contractor.


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