Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail when it comes to moving house

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If you are planning on moving house then you need to think about packing all of your items away with plenty of time before moving day. You will also want to think about a logical way to pack these. 


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As someone who has moved house I know that once you pull up in the moving van and start unloading the boxes the stress very quickly unveils.   It is best to make sure that every item from the kitchen goes together, the bathroom items get packaged as one and the breakables get stored safely.  Write clearly on each box where they are from and whats inside so not only can it go in the kitchen but maybe by the fridge or the food cupboard.

If possible spend a few days giving the new house a really good clean before your belongings get there so everything is fresh and new.  Try to do the painting and decorating on the walls you have chosen before your furniture is put in its proper place and then you will want to install the carpets after that.  Make a plan of what work you want to do and which bits you want to do first. 

You could put it into order of price or what you are going to need first.

Find yourself a Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester way such To deal with all of the legal work for you so that is one less thing that you need to worry about. Although you should make sure that you keep important documents handy just in case.  They will do everything you need in terms of legalities from the beginning of the purchase right to the end of completion and collection keys.This will include all kinds of surveys that will include a local search, home information packs and stamp duty, land registry and a land searches charge.

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Land searches – This will look for risk of flooding, water authority and contamination areas. This can include public sewers, boundaries and what future building opportunities you may have.

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Home information pack – This includes energy performance, local authority searches, title documents and guarantees.


Stamp duty – This would normally apply to all houses over the cost of one hundred and twenty five thousand but in recent years it has been removed from new build sales.


Land Registry – The title registry, the title plan and the title and the title summary.

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