Recycling Can Benefit Your Contracting Company

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As a contractor, it benefits you to recycle metals in a couple of ways. First off, you can be paid for the scrap metal you recycle. Depending on the amount of metal, it can mean a payment to you of hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for the largest amounts of metal recycling. Metal is everywhere but a vast amount is already in use, other metals can sometimes be a challenge to acquire, and still other metal is not yet available so your recycling efforts could make a positive difference in the amount and type of metal that is available to use. 

Recycling makes others look favorably on you and your company. Knowing that you are recycling helps potential clients choose to use your services. This is true whether you are seeking a government contract, bidding on a Fortune 500 company’s project, or working with a mom and pop shop. Metal recycling can not only boost your bottom line but help boost those who work with your company as well such as recycling centers. Metal recycling Cerritos CA can make your projects be more green and add an additional revenue stream. 

It is important to keep metal out of landfills because it is easily recyclable and metal is the most valuable thing that can be recycled but much of it is already in use and it is in demand. Understand that whatever you are recycling should be at least half metal even if it surrounded by other materials such as brick, plaster, plastic, etc. You should separate the metal whenever that can easily be done. Sure you can have less work if you just pay someone to haul it away but you will be paying them to haul it away and they most likely will separate it and then sell it to a scrap metal recycling center. They will be getting paid by you to haul it away and paid again when they recycle it. Why not use recycling as an additional stream of revenue for your company instead? 

When looking for a recycling center, ask how much they are paying and be sure to understand they will need to check identification to minimize paying for and receiving stolen metal. If your employees do not have identification they will be turned away from most metal recycling centers. You should also be able to tell which metals are more valuable than others. For instance, a magnet will stick to the most valuable metals so be sure to note which metals most valuable when separating them for recycling. Basic information such as their location, hours, and payouts should be posted on their website or you can just call and ask. 

Metal recycling is more than a way to improve potential clients’ impression of your company. It is a real way to increase revenue streams and profits for your company by opening your company up to clients who want to work with contractors who recycle. Some clients will only work with contractors who recycle whether it is part of their company mission or it is mandated as part of a government program.


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