Planning For Outdoor Living Space in New Construction

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For people who are looking to build a new home or improve the landscaping of their present home with an outside living space, there are some great ideas available. Homes can offer so much more of an extensive living space when the outdoors is included. Improving a yard with landscaping that builds in patios, decks , gazebos, inground pools and pool cabana’s can take the average land and turn it into an extensive outdoor living space addition. This can be especially helpful for people who live on the Gold Coast. Because the weather tends to be warm year-round, having access to additional outdoor living space can be especially helpful for homeowners. The expansion of space allows for a significant increase of space for entertaining and enjoyment when the outdoors is expanded and upgraded into livable outdoor space. For people who are interested in expanding their space outdoors, pre-planning is essential. Understanding the best way to make use of land for an outdoor living space can make all the difference in how well it comes together. 

Creating Living Space with Inground Swimming Pools and Cabana’s> 

Of all the outdoor living space areas in the Gold Coast region, the installation of inground swimming pools with patios and cabanas are the most popular. Since inground swimming pools are often part of new construction in the region, the building details often have all the details including the top pool pumps Gold Coast homeowners usually invest in. Creating the layout of the exterior land space which can be later developed and added onto and expanded is optimum. But because moving the soil around to make the best use of the land is usually done during construction, having a future plan in place during construction can save thousands of dollars to a homebuyer. For contractors who are building new homes, working directly with a landscape engineer can be helpful in preplanning the best layout of the land for future development of outside living space. Taking the extra time for pre-planning can increase the sale value of a property significantly for a developer. 

When a home is built on sloping topography that has not been designed for future outdoor living space, it can be difficult for a potential homebuyer to envision what can be done with the land. This can make them reluctant to envision as the developer attempts to portray it’s potential. By contrast, when the proper design of the land is in place in the beginning, homebuyers are more inclined to realize the potential investment benefits right away and be able to foresee future development of the land. As most realtors and developers of multiple subdivisions know, staging a home can help it sell much quicker. In the same format as staging, having a model home with an extensive exterior living space planned and created, can help give new homebuyers a vision of their future yard. The model home help buyers see a clearer vision of what they can create with their own pool, patio, cabana, deck or gazebo space.


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