How The Different Residential Siding Options Stack Up

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The siding on your home is a critical element. The appearance is very important and the main way to improve the curb appeal of your home. It also protects the home from the elements including rain, hail, and wind. It’s important to get a siding that is durable and can stand up to the elements. It’s not just the initial cost of having a siding contractor install your new siding that is important but also the cost of ongoing maintenance to keep up its appearance and ability to keep out the elements. 

This guide looks at all of the options you have for having your home resided. The first option is vinyl siding. this is easy to have installed and is the least expensive option to choose from. It’s also low maintenance as all it takes is a mild soap and sprayed water to keep clean. It doesn’t have to be painted and nowadays comes in a wide variety of colors. With conventional vinyl siding you can put insulation behind it. There is also now insulated vinyl siding but it’s quite a bit more expensive than conventional. 

Wood siding has been used for decades on residences. It is a natural material, durable, and long-lasting. The downside is it needs to be stained or painted regularly which can be quite expensive. An alternative is fiber cement siding which looks almost identical to wood. It stands up to the elements better than wood siding and doesn’t have to be painted as often. 

All of the various types of siding des moines ia has is in line with the rest of the nation. Vinyl is the least expensive option followed by steel and then stucco. Fiber cement is less expensive to install in Des Moines than wood siding while brick is more expensive. The most expensive siding to have installed by a siding contractor in Des Moines is stone which can be five times as expensive as vinyl siding. 

Aluminum siding is pretty passé nowadays. It is a very low-maintenance option and fireproof but its cons are it dents pretty easily, is more expensive than vinyl, and isn’t very attractive to look at. Stucco is something that has been used for centuries to side a home. It has a very distinctive appearance and is highly durable. While it can be painted siding contractors advice against it because what that primarily does is create ongoing maintenance issues. 

In this article, Consumer Reports details what you should know before choosing which siding to go with. They recommend that you have a professional siding contractor install your new siding. As the siding is your home’s first line of defense against the elements it is critical that it is installed properly. If it’s not done right water can get into the walls of the home potentially causing rot or mold. This article also states that you want to make sure you only buy the amount of siding necessary for your home. You can estimate this yourself using simple math so that you don’t buy extra siding that isn’t actually needed.

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