Everything You Wanted To Know About Roof Trusses

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Commonly a timber roof truss is a structure that consists of a framework that will bridge the space above a house or building and provide support for the roof. Timber roof trusses started in medieval times

Types Of Roof Trusses 

There are basically two types of roof trusses. Roof trusses are categorized by a closed truss or an open truss type. A closed truss will be built with a tie beam and a roof structure with a ceiling so the framing is not seen. An open truss will be built with a tie beam that allows for a vaulted ceiling area and a roof framing that will open to view. 

King Post Truss 

The king post truss is usually constructed of wood. However, sometimes this type of truss is built of steel and wood. The king post truss is a good candidate for all types of houses because it can be built up to spans of 8m. 

Pratt Truss 

The Pratt Truss is build of steel. This type of truss is primarily used in buildings. These steel trusses are designed where the vertical members provide tension while the diagonal members provide compression. These type trusses provide a larger span from 6m up to 10m. 

Queen Post Truss 

The Queen Post Truss attributes it is designed to be reliable and offers a simple design. Spans are around 10m. And this makes it a great choice for a large range of buildings. 

Howe Truss 

The Howe Truss is constructed of steel and wood. This truss offers an elegant design. The majority of the Howe Truss is made of wood. However, the tension members are made of steel. The steel offers superior support and long-standing reliability. This type of truss is very adaptable to most buildings offering a span from 6m to 30m. 

Fan Truss 

The Fan Truss is manufactured of steel. This type of truss offers reliability and a simple design. This design offers a medium span from 10m to 15m which makes a great candidate for most roofing projects. You can found information on these and other type trusses at any truss suppliers sydney

What Is The Best Truss For Your Home Or Building? 

Usually, most roof truss design is easy to customize. That being said, there are many roof truss designs. With an informative contractor, they can determine the best truss design that will fulfill your needs. With a knowledgeable contractor, the contractor can study your home and determine which type truss is the best candidate for your home. Your contractor should be able to design and build a truss that suits your needs and budget. Of course, ask any contractor for a list of referrals. Also ask your family and friends that recently has had roofing trusses built. If you get two referrals from the same contractor, you just landed a good contractor!

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