What Is The White Stuff On My Lobster?

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So you’ve obtained your lobster and stored it properly before the delicious end result. You fish the thing out of the pot and…it’s got some kind of white stuff coming out. What did you do wrong!? Nothing, calm down, it’s perfectly normal. Your lobster will be fine, and here’s why.

According to the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute (the highest authority we could think of), the white stuff is congealed hemolymph, which is what lobsters have instead of blood and intestines. So…pretty good that it’s out, right? Eh, whatever. If you bought, stored, and cooked the little devil, a smidge of innards should be just another day in the life. It won’t affect the flavor of your lobster either way — if anything, it signifies that it’s fresh and was recently alive and pumping hemolymph. Mystery solved!

To remove it for presentation purposes, run the lobster under warm water, then wipe off with a clean dish towel, easy as pie. Also, here’s a recipe for lobster pie.

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What Are Fake Grill Marks Made Of?

The shell on the crab legs should be orange-red color if they are fresh. It should be glossy looking without any black dots or marks. If the shell is pale orange in color with black dots, they are stale and the crab meat will be nasty in taste.

Buy frozen crab in the freezer. They are the freshest. Avoid buying crab legs that have been laid out or on display in the seafood department.

Fresh crab has a pleasant and salty smell that reminds you of the ocean. If the crab smells funky with an odor, do not buy

Snow crab legs are sweeter with a briny fresh taste. The leg meat has a fibrous texture.

Personally I think king crab has a more subtle taste, slightly less sweet with a firmer texture akin to a lobster.

  • Is Snow Crab Expensive?

It is pretty expensive, starting at $17.95 to $21.95 per pound, depending on the season.

It’s cheaper compared to king crab, which can run up to over $30 per pound.

However, you can get both crustaceans at a cheaper price when they are on sale, or during their peak seasons.

  • How to Eat Snow Crab?

It’s very easy to pick the crab meat. The shells are thinner and can be snapped open by breaking them with your fingers.

You don’t need a crab cracker to devour the meat.

The body cluster is also filled with crab meat and can be easily picked out by fingers.

Just like king crab, snow crab is pre-cooked and frozen as soon as they are caught on the boat.

As a result, there is no need to cook. You just have to reheat frozen crab.

First of all, thaw the crab at room temperature. Next, you can bake, broil, steam, or boil them before serving.

Remember not to overcook the crab or else you will lose the sweet briny flavors.

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