Savannah’s Best Neighborhoods

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Savannah is one of the beautiful cities in Georgia, filled with friendly, smiling faces who have the southern hospitality and charms one would expect living in the oldest city in the U.S. Many great neighborhoods house the more than 136,400 people that live in Savannah, any of which could become the location of your next home. Some neighborhoods are better suited for certain personalities, however. Research the neighborhoods before relocating and it is simple to find the perfect area to call your own. Some of the best neighborhoods to talk to your Savannah GA real estate agents about include the four listed below. 


Hip and vibrant, the Starland community is one that is desirable to those who want a location that is close to downtown, has reasonably priced homes, great neighbors, and lots to see and do. The neighborhood is fun and free-spirited, where boutiques and galleries make for a great adventure any day of the week. There is no shortage of entertainment options in Starland. One look at the single-family, elegant homes in the Starland neighborhood will fill your heart with delight. 

Historic Downtown District 

Centrally located in the city, the historic downtown district consists of 2.5-miles of older homes filled with history. There is a variety of home styles to pick from in the neighborhood but do expect to spend a bit more to buy a home in the area since it is a prime location. Average home prices in the historic downtown district run $100,000 – $600,000, though some costlier homes are also around. CEOs, professors, and artists commonly flock to the sea. 

Isle of Hope 

Located in the southeast section of the city, the Isle of Hope neighborhood is a riverfront community filled with young couples and children. Although it is not an actual island, it does sit on a peninsula that is just as good. The only commercial development you’ll find in this neighborhood is on the marina, so it is quieter than the usual areas in the city. Anyone who enjoys the laid-back, relaxing, quaint charm of life can appreciate the Isle of Hope. There’s a fair amount of rental homes also available. 

Habersham Woods 

Located in Midtown, Habersham Woods features an array of long, decorated streets with 20th-century ranch-style homes. The area is located nearby two major hospitals, Memorial Stadium, and many private schools. This is a family-friendly community with a lot of green space. Nurses and middle-income families are all living nearby when you make the move to the Midtown area of Savannah. 

Victorian District 

The Victorian district is one that has unique charm and elegance that reflects the south the way that it should be. Many of the 1800s -inspired homes in the Victorian neighborhood feature bay windows and towers as well as lots of color and character. The neighborhood spans 50-blocks and is filled with a variety of personalities of people, including students, retirees, and families. The area is home to Forsyth Park and a variety of restaurants.


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