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If you are planning to hold a open house of your real estate property, there are certain things that you need to consider before taking the plunge. Intense heat or cold while entering the hallways, electrical appliance turned on with no purpose to serve and sharp knives in the kitchen left without knowledge are all a big no!. In fact, things that are irrelevant to the house are the first things that your prospective buyers at any Real Estate Property Auctions will see when they step at the door. The above mentioned is just an example of what a perfect recipe for disaster would look like. There are many others and some of them are detailed below. 

Dim Lights And Dark Corners

Anyone who is house hunting may want to see the place in full lighting. This means you should never work with a real estate agent or potential buyers with a dim space. Good general lighting consists of sunlight, lamps that show the true colors of the items around the house and not create shadows. Proper task lighting can also be useful to focus on certain things like items on a desk, wall pictures, art collections and so on. It is important to make sure that the lighting you place doesn’t produce glares or increase the chance of injury on the property. 

Slipping Floors And Shiny Walls

Falling or slipping due to a smooth floor can have serious consequences. You will not only lose the client but set up yourself for a potential lawsuit if the injuries are bad. Choose a slip-resistant flooring if you are planning to remodel your house before the showing. If the flooring is aged, it is less likely to have smooth surface. Even if you want to smooth it out, ask a professional for advice. Consider areas around the house that might get wet during raining seasons and that may have the tendency to create puddles. 

Safe Accessories

You can have all the safety-studded accessories in the world to decorate your open house and still put people in dangerous situations. That wall painting hanging on a nail with a weight more than it can handle may not be the right item during open house when you are aware of the heavy traffic around this time. Placing appliances on the countertop unnecessarily may not be the right thing to do. Make sure any sharp corner, like a dinner table or cabinetry, is properly shield. 

It might also be worthwhile to investigate outside the house any place that your prospects cannot visit. For instance, storing unwanted stuff without shelves or planning in your outside area shed may deter your buyers from offering a good price. Not trimming vegetation around the house may want to them not look at it again. There are many other reasons why buyers may hesitate to place an offer, like a unclean pool, noisy HVAC units and overgrown trees and shrubs. These are all pose safety hazards. The way you present your house will make or break the deal.

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