Expert Tips On Taking Care Of Your Lawn 

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Every homeowner wants a lawn that looks great all year around. With these expert tips, you can do just that. Here are some of the easiest ways to make sure that the lawn is looking as good as it can be. 

Spring clean your lawn by giving it a light raking as soon as Spring hits. This is especially viable if the lawn is already well-maintained. A light raking will all you need to do once the ground has dried up from the wet winter. If there are trouble spots, now is the time to correct them before they damage the lawn. This can include letting leaves pile up on the lawn which can make the grass turn brown and even making sure the ground is even. 

After the lawn has been raked and cleaned and after any repairs have been made, it is the time to address any issues with bald patches on the lawn. Re-seeding will need to be done but you may want to call in an expert to analyze the soil. If there are a number of bare spots in the lawn, this could definitely indicate poor soil quality. An expert will be able to help you determine what specific nutrients the soil needs to grow the grass better. 

Once the experts have spoken to you, it will now be time to fertilize the grass. Proper fertilization is necessary to not only keep the grass healthy but to also help keep weeds away when engaging in lawn maintenance easton ct. Herbicides can be used in conjunction with the fertilizer to effectively kill the weed population. Make sure to inquire at the store when using herbicide, though, as the proper amount to apply will completely depend on the area in which you live and to the actual extent of the weed problem itself. If you want to take a more organic approach to lawn care, there are actually certain types of vegetation and even insects that will help to keep the weeds away without having to use chemicals to do so. This will also depend on where you live so make sure to do a little bit of research before you proceed with any of these actions. 

While it may seem counterintuitive, it is actually a bad idea to cut your lawn too short. When the blades of grass are sheared too close to the ground, it removes from them many vital nutrients which keep both the grass and the ground healthy. The shirt grass also has the double-whammy of presenting too much sunlight to the ground, This can speed up the rate of weeds taking hold and be an unwanted albatross around the neck of your yard. As you can see, there are some easy ways to make sure the lawn you want is actually the lawn you have. With just a little bit of work, you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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