Tips for hiring a reliable real estate agent

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Whether you are selling or buying a home, hiring a reliable real estate agent is an important step of the process. This task is nowhere near easy and it’s one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. It can determine a lot for the future so you want to hire a good and reliable real estate agent to help you with this task. And we know that finding a reliable real estate agent can be overwhelming as the market is full of real estate agents. How to choose? How to be sure that a real estate agent is reliable? We are here to answer all the questions you might have about hiring a reliable real estate agent.

When to start searching for a real estate agent when selling a home?

Finding a real estate agent is a 10-minute job. Whether it be a reliable one or not. You don’t have to pick the perfect timing when it comes to hiring an agent. But make sure you hire him before you start doing any work on your old home. A real estate agent knows best what buyers want and need. So if you want to boost the value of your home, hire a real estate agent first and talk to him about what you need to repair. Most of the times, people make changes that don’t boost the value too much yet they spent a lot on that. That is the classic case scenario when someone wants to sell a home.

When to start searching for a real estate agent when buying a home?

The earlier you hire a real estate agent the better. Buying a home is much harder to do than to sell a home. When you are a buyer, you want all your criteria satisfied. And finding a home that suits your needs is a tough thing to do and it can last for months. This doesn’t have to be just about buying a home, it is also about buying commercial property. So the sooner you hire a real estate agent to help you, the sooner you will settle down in your new home or office.

Tips for hiring a reliable real estate agent

Here are some tips that will help you decide which real estate agent to hire.

  1. Find a real estate agent who works exclusively with clients on that side of the transaction

This means your real estate agent should only work with buying homes if you are buying a home or the other way around. This way you will be sure that the person working for you knows what he is doing. But if you need to sell your old home and buy a new one, one agent who does both is a good option. The best option is to hire an agency that does both. This way you will have a team of people working to both sell your home and find you a new one.

  1. Hire someone familiar

By someone familiar, we don’t mean someone you know. We mean someone who has already worked for a person you know. So ask your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues. This is the best way to hire someone reliable. But even if a friend tells you about what an amazing real estate agent she had, talk with a few different agents before you decide on one.

  1. Talk with a few different agents

Every agent has a different style of working. Some make professional presentations about your home and some bring the people over right away. You have to know what you want and what are the options. So it is not a bad idea to talk with a couple of different agents to get a better view of their working style.

  1. Check online reviews

It is sort of like hiring a reliable moving company, like Moving Kings Van Lines FL. You want all the reviews to be either 4 or 5 stars, 3 and bellow means you should click away immediately. Online reviews are the best source of information you can find. But beware of fake reviews. Those can trick anyone. If they seem generic, they are 100% fake. That is a huge sign for you to stay away.

  1. The agent should be experienced

If you want the best of the best, your agent should have a lot of experience. This will make buying or selling a house hassle-free. An inexperienced agent can only be a red flag for you. But if you have a small budget, you might end up with such an agent. Inexperienced agents are much more affordable.

  1. The agent should be likable

If the agent isn’t very likable, he might have a hard time selling your home. Plus, you want to work with someone who you will like working with as you will be in constant touch with each other about different things regarding buying or selling a home. A real estate agent might start giving you reasons for considering Orlando as your new home and if you don’t want to live there, you might not find him appealing and likable. There are many things that affect what you might find likable or unlikable.


When hiring a reliable real estate agent, you want to consider all these things that we mentioned. Hiring someone likable and familiar is as important as hiring someone with experience and good reviews. It is up to you to decide which real estate agent will be your helper in making the biggest financial decision of your life.


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