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Radon is a colorless and odorless gas which comes from the natural decay of uranium in the soil and rocks. Due to these properties, it is hard for a homeowner to detect the gas present thus end up exposed to radioactive that may result in lung cancer. Radon even at the lowest level it contaminant the indoor air thus become dangerous for people to live in such houses. In Utah most home, the Radon gas level exceeded the required level recommended by environmental protection Agency. 

How To Install Radon Remove System 

Despite how your home is built the Radon gas will continue to accumulate beneath the foundation and eventually finds its way inside the house through cracks or joint in solid floors and walls, suspended floors gaps, presences of Gaps around service pipes, Cavities inside walls or the water supply. Since it is tasteless and colorless thus hard for homeowner to detect it by either the taste or the smell, due to this reason professional and highly experienced personnel are recommended for testing and mitigation. 

Installation starts by first testing the level of Radon gas to know if it has exceeded the recommended level. Picocuries measure radon gas and the WHO (World Health Organization) suggest that the radon presences in the houses should be below four pCi/L. After the level is determined, drilling several holes in the concrete foundation beings, followed by installation of vent pipe or gas mitigation system in the soil beneath the foundation through the drilled holes, they suck air in the surrounding land and remove gas to the outside. A fan is essential since it creates void in the pipe thus drawing air outside of the soil and pushes it out. 

However even after installing the system, the gas can still pass through the cracks, joints or opening around plumbing pipes and to prevent this they are sealed with reinforced concrete. The last step is to conduct a simple test to ensure that the system works accurately and the homeowner is free from harmful gas that may cause a health problem. A detector can also be installed to determine and maintain its radon level. 

Methods Used To Test Radon Level 

Is only through testing that people can know if radon is present in the area that they live. Various services for radon testing salt lake city ut uses short term and long term test. Short term test takes 48 hours in which 12 hours before and during the test the windows, the door should remain closed. However, the exterior doors are allowed to be open quickly for entry and exits. When the fun is in an automated mode, the air conditioner can run. Long term test takes about 90 days and in which the standard conditions of the house are allowed. 

Benefits of installing radon remove system 
When the system is installed, it reduces moisture influx from the soil, thus decrease generation of mold, mildew and other indoor air quality problem. The system prevents accumulation of radon gas which is harmful to a human when inhaled and may cause lung cause. 

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