5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Septic System

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With regular maintenance, your septic tank can last for several years, even decades. Without proper care, cleaning, or maintenance, your septic system can quickly break down and create problems. It will create havoc on your toilet and plumbing system. If you want to save money on septic tank repairs, then follow these five tips. 

Schedule Regular Septic Tank Cleaning 

All septic tanks require regular cleaning and maintenance. Most can go without this for two to three years, but there is not a universal answer for all septic systems. If your household uses a lot of water, then you need to do it more frequently. Other households can go for years without any problems. To keep your septic tank in upstanding condition, create a regular cleaning schedule and stick to it. 

Flush Out the Proper Materials 

Avoid flushing any foreign materials down the toilet. This includes anything that does not come out of your body such as toys, watches, or electronics. Most materials, even if they are biodegradable, do not break down and can cause a major problem. You want to avoid backups by ensuring that your family flushes only the right materials down the toilet. 

Direct Runoff Away from Your Septic System 

Excess runoff can create problems with your drain field and septic system. This can lead to permanent damage, which can lead to expensive septic tank drainfield repair Sarasota FL. This is why the direct runoff of the septic system is an important part of the process. 

Do Not Throw Chemicals Down the Drain 

Septic tanks require the use of bacteria to break down materials. Avoid using chemicals such as disinfectants, drain cleaners, household products, and paint solvents. This kills the bacteria and leads to a chemical imbalance that will have a negative impact on your septic tank. 

Avoid Having Construction Near Your Septic System 

Make sure to keep all construction work away from your septic system. This includes concrete work, home additions, landscaping, masonry work, plaster repair, and plumbing. Your homeowner’s association may have rules and regulations for keeping outside forces such as trees and shrubs away from your septic tank. Following these regulations can help prolong the life of your septic system. 

By following these five important tests, you can prolong the life of your septic system. This will prevent you from having costly problems down the road. Septic tank repair can be a costly expense. To help save money, you should regularly clean, maintain, and repair your septic tank. If you need additional service, then you should contact a professional septic or excavation service in in Sarasota. 

Remember that regular cleaning of your septic tank is vital to its line. A septic tank is an important part of your property. It effectively breaks down and removes the waste from your home before it enters the environment. Regular septic tank cleaning can ensure that your system works properly. This will keep it out of your family and environment’s way, and improve the comfort of your home.


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